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Please describe the type of session you`re looking for



I can completely understand wanting to find pricing without needing to ask; However my rates and packages are not listed publicly for many reasons. One being that every shoot is unique and require special arrangements.
If you would like to obtain more detailed rate information please feel free to contact me and I will gladly send you all the information needed!

What can we expect?

Prior to your session you'll receive an email full of helpful tips, do's/dont's and faq's. During your session, you can expect to relax, have fun and be yourself. Sure, we may set up the shots but, we want you to shine through! If you have any ideas in mind, please tell us. We want to give you the best photography experience possible.

Can I extend the session on the day of?

Yes! Given the session we do allow a certain time lapse. Beyond the allowed lapse additional fees may apply.

What should we wear?

This is such a common question.. It definitely depends on your personal preference but, we can offer you a bit of advice. Avoid logos or large lettering that can be distracting. After all this is about you, so wear that outfit you`ve been saving. That item that defines you. The fun hat you love but don`t get a chance to wear or just a meaningful piece of jewelry. These things can really make a photo special.

For families, coordination is highly recommended, but you don't have to necessarily match completely. Let each family member's personality shine.

Custom knit newborn outfits are offered at discounted prices through our affiliates

Do I have to order prints through you?

Yes. All professional prints are through the studio. Where the A.M.P`d logo is removed and the full quality displayed. However the digitally released images allow you to print selected photos freely. We also offer a complete digital copyright release of your entire album for an additional cost.